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Here you go - Fraser Island

Fraser Island

The Rock at sunset

Ayres "Uluru" Rock at sunset
Finally, some Fraser Island photos.

More of Fraser Island
The Rock at sunrise

The same, at sunrise
Round The Rock

Tour round Uluru "Ayres" Rock, aided by GPS

Singapore Jungle Adventure 2

Singapore Jungle Adventure 2
Byron Bay

Byron Bay
Cars of Byron Bay

Cars of Byron Bay

Jim and Natalie Go Bush

Jim and Natalie Go Bush Again.

Australia Zoo

Natalie and Jim and Ruth and Anu's Australia Zoo Adventure
When Lorakeets Attack!


The "Happy Couple"

Stephen and Ruth's Engagement Adventure
Way down deep, in the middle of the Congo

Singapore Jungle Adventure
***** on a bike...

Natalie's Bicycle Adventure
Natalie, with black eye

Natalie's Domestic Abuse Adventure
Natalie, kitesurfing

Natalie's Kitesurfing Adventure
Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise
Sydney Safari

On Safari, Sydney
Under The Sea

Under Sydney Harbour
The city of Sydney

More Sydney Photos

More from Sydney, with a good camera
The Famous Opera House

The Famous Opera House
Tambourine Mountain

The Less Famous Tambourine Mountain
Don't worry, our polar bears have become acclimatised to the extreme heat.

Polar Bears? On the Gold Coast? This is madness!
SeaWorld - even more crazy animal action

Even more sea-based animal excitement
Underwater World

Underwater World
Deep In The Bush

The Bush
Deeper In The Bush

More Bush
It's a massive cow!

Wild Animals Of The Bush
Our Flat

Our Flat